The Rose Clinic was established in 1999, after being approved by the Department of Health, to meet the growing demand for quality reproductive services in the central Durban area. 

We strive to provide quality service in a compassionate, discreet and non-judgemental environment under the safest conditions with your health and well being as our priority.

The Rose Clinic provides legal, safe, affordable and confidential abortions. Our nursing staff are caring and competent and patients are fully  informed on what to expect. We provide pre-counselling with options, post and after counselling. 

The Rose Clinic is open Monday – Saturday from 8 am. On a week day one should come in by 10 am. On a Saturday one should come in by 8:30 am. Please carry a few sanitary pads.

The Rose Clinic is situated at:
Suite 1027, Commercial City Building, 40 Commercial Road (Dr. A.B Xuma Road), Durban.Tel:031 307 1916

We do not disclose any information to family members, partner or medical professionals without your written consent. We do not make any efforts to contact you via telephone unless agreed to. 

Call 031 307 1916 for further information.

NB. WE ARE OPEN FROM 2nd MAY 2020. Please wear protective mask on visit.

* Medical abortion
* Surgical abortion
* M.V.A (Procedure after a miscarriage) "D&C"
* Pregnancy tests
* Ultrasound scans
* Pap Smear tests
* HIV testing
* CD4 Count tests
* Advice on family planning
* Counselling on pregnancy and HIV

All enquiries made or business conducted with or procedures carried out by The Rose Clinic are made or done subject to its Terms and Conditions ('the T&C') as well as that of any third party suppliers ('the Suppliers'), a copy of which is available on request. Every patient and person engaging in a transaction with The Rose Clinic and the Supplier is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the T & C. If any enquirer or person engaging in a transaction or contemplating to do so has any misapprehension about such transaction or the implication thereof, such enquirer or person must contact The Rose Clinic in person, telephonically or via e-mail indicating the misapprehension and requesting an explanation in terms of the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA'). Once a booking for treatment is made, it means that if the enquirer or person had any such misapprehension it has been explained to his/her satisfaction, onerous clauses have been brought to his/her attention and abnormal and dangerous risks have been explained to him/her as requested by the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA').


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