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All enquiries made or business conducted with or procedures carried out by The Rose Clinic are made or done subject to its Terms and Conditions ('the T&C') as well as that of any third party suppliers ('the Suppliers'), a copy of which is available on request. Every patient and person engaging in a transaction with The Rose Clinic and the Supplier is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the T & C. If any enquirer or person engaging in a transaction or contemplating to do so has any misapprehension about such transaction or the implication thereof, such enquirer or person must contact The Rose Clinic in person, telephonically or via e-mail indicating the misapprehension and requesting an explanation in terms of the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA'). Once a booking for treatment is made, it means that if the enquirer or person had any such misapprehension it has been explained to his/her satisfaction, onerous clauses have been brought to his/her attention and abnormal and dangerous risks have been explained to him/her as requested by the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA').


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